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When I was about ten years old my mother gave me a brilliant tip: 
"When you dress in the morning, never look in the mirror before wearing shoes. The shoes are the ones to dictate your whole look."
I fell in love with shoes ever since. 

I'm a great believer in accessories and think they are an integral part of the garment. I try to design shoes and accessories that excite me, that I would want to wear, in hoping that they will excite you too. 

Each design is created with a lot of thought and passion, putting a great emphasis on comfort combined with urban chic, in a quest to provide high-quality pieces and unique designs. 

All shoes are handmade in a small workshop in Tel Aviv. The collections are produced in small series, sewn piece by piece from genuine leather. The design is clean and surprising in the fine details, stands out in its unique leathers and does not depend on seasonal trends.

The brand's name, ABRAMEY, is a tribute to my grandparents, Eli and Yaffa Abramovich. Their family owned a textile shop in Tel Aviv at the 1920’s. They taught me to get excited about beautiful things. 

I hope you will find the design that excites you.
I design, you wear it your way ©
Noa Levy Aran, Designer


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